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Natal Photography

Natal Farm Magic

Our second instalment of abstract photos this year, here we have some from a farm up in Natal. Absolutely perfect conditions for a nice day of shooting as the light cloud/mist acts as a giant diffuse…
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Photography Woodstock

Woodstock Shenanigans

Nothing like venturing out before dawn to a little viewpoint above Woodstock (Cape Town) to take some early morning shots. Thermos of tea, some food, good mate, better light (!), and this, my favourit…
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I never knew it but perhaps the inspiration for the logo was from my leisurely time here – midway up the télépherique on my way to the top of Mont Blanc, in Chamonix. I only realised this year…
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We thought we’d answer some of the commonly asked questions (faq’s) here, in case you can’t get through to us, or would prefer to read about them before asking. Payment We prefer to…
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We aim to take amazing photos of your property and have them sent to you digitally within 24 hours. We do try our best so sometimes this requires us taking a little longer than expected but our promis…
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