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We specialise in real estate photography and although we are based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we service all of Southern Africa, including our exquisite tropical islands!  Take a look through some of our favourite shoots and then get in touch if you would like us to photograph your property. We are convinced that we can meet your standards and help market your property to the world! 


What We Offer



We focus entirely on taking photographs for properties that will enable you to market your real estate for either sale or rental. Specialising in one area ensures we are at the top of our game, and not worried about upcoming weddings, events, or corporate shoots. We operate countrywide, and beyond, and are more than willing to travel to you, anywhere in Southern Africa.



    Although we mostly shoot apartments, homes, and BnB’s we often get requests from larger lodges and hotels, from across the whole country. Instead of seeing dollar signs, we still charge our same hourly rates, even though the hours are longer. Added to that, we can also shoot restaurants, a company’s office space, or even a newly built building’s fresh interior.

      Virtual Stage 600


      What used to be a joke ‘Can you photoshop that?’ has become a reality. Yes, we can do almost anything in this day and age, thanks to advances in the software we use. We will let the work speak for itself and you can click through and see it here. This is an ideal option for those not wanting to get involved in the physically and logistically taxing, and expensive home staging.

      what we don’t offer

      Some often asked for services include…

      We often get asked if we do drone shots, or aerial photography. Read why we do not currently do this by reading here. Then, we don’t like how 360-degree “photos” look, so we avoid that.  Matterport and “dollhouse effect” is also not our cup of tea, and finally, stay tuned for video walkthroughs. Although not available yet, we hope it will be coming to you later this 2020!



      In the simplest explanation possible our pricing is a sum of the hours worked shooting, and editing plus the travel costs to your location. Each photographer has their own rate, starting at R650/hr and it goes up to R950/hr. However, it is a little more complicated than that, so please take a look at both our Pricing Page, and our Team Page to understand it more fully.

      get in touch

      Contact A Property Photographer Now

      If you are in a rush to book one of us, then just head over to the contact page and submit your enquiry right away. We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible. Just be aware that often we are on a shoot, or driving, and can’t always take your call straight away. Sending a mail with plenty of info is best.

      what next?


      Decide if you would like to use us for your own property by viewing our gallery. We quote for free, are flexible yet bound by the weather, and would love to see your property marketing dreams realised. We have full confidence that the time and money invested in great photos is a worthwhile return on investment.

      Keep track of our Latest Shoots

      Interested in the type of work we do? Then keep your finger on the pulse here.

      Lazy Leopard | Makes for some lazy guests!

      Lazy Leopard | Makes for some lazy guests!

      The Lazy Leopard is a gem on the garden route situated along Rheenendal road, just outside of Knysna. Thankfully untouched in the recent fires of the last two years (one early November 2018, and the obvious and devastating one in June 2017) it still has three amazing...

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      RoseRoc – A few days in luxury in Knysna

      RoseRoc – A few days in luxury in Knysna

      Roseroc was to be my base on my second episode of a Garden Route tour. The first being back in 2017 when I road-tripped from Port Elizabeth down to Cape Town, shooting seven places en route. This time, however, my motives were different. Last year I did quite a few...

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      Southern Suburbs Gem in Constantia | What a pleasure

      Southern Suburbs Gem in Constantia | What a pleasure

      This Southern Suburbs Gem in Constantia... What a pleasure to photograph! Owned by some famous person it was really amazing to be able to see their taste and choice when they had made their money in the world of design and decor. The kitchen was a dream to shoot. See...

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