Monthly Archives: September 2011


Trying to break the ‘tourist trap’ in two… weeks in Thailand Having been forewarned of how Thailand, especially the South West coast around Phuket, is one large, overcrowded tourist trap I set out to see not only if this is true but also whether it would be possible to break […]

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South Korea

seoul - korea

I cannot ever imagine a tourist brochure convincingly attracting you to visit South Korea and, in honesty, don’t think there are any tourist brochures trying to do such a thing. However, after having recently spent some time there, I would like to stand up for this unique little piece of […]

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It is always a pleasure to travel, and even more so to someplace new. Recently, this place was South Korea. Places you have been before may be easier, more relaxing, more comfortable but they don’t quicken your senses and lighten any burden you may have. It sounds peculiar, but when you’re in a […]

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