Monthly Archives: November 2016

Some art for you

some art

Sometimes you see something nice – like a little art number – and think it is worthwhile putting up on the Internet. This is usually done ad nauseam by ad everyone you can think of. However, this is perhaps my second such gambit at such a thing this year. Well […]

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Langebaan Home

Langebaan home

On a recent mission up to Langebaan (to ponder life, take detours, be paid to photograph a home, and be grateful in general) I decided to venture into the West Coast National Park. Mainly because there are road works on the main route, but also because it’s prettier and more fun […]

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Darling isn’t the type of town you go out of your way to see. I learnt this when I tried to do such a thing and spent ages crawling along backroads and getting stuck in road blocks set up for the various road works. Of course, this has nothing to […]

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