Monthly Archives: December 2016


grateful for life

On a recent trip up the west coast I was very nearly wiped from this earth by a collapsing tree and I am now very grateful to be alive, yet again. The car 100m ahead of me was not so lucky – in that it was hit but the driver […]

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Kalk Bay

kalk bay

The air in Kalk Bay is different. I don’t know how. Adjacent is Muizenberg, and the air there is somehow less refreshing. It may have something to do with the height, or the wind, or the trees, or the view but Kalk Bay has a quality to it that results […]

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These holidays where are you heading? Does that place have a website? Does that website have great photographs. Essentially Baithe Photography exists for people who answer either ‘No’ or ‘Yes, but they’re not great’ to the latter two questions. We focus on photography – by producing great shots that advertise or […]

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