Bantry Bay


Bantry Bay sits at the heart of sought after Atlantic seaboard property. Known for its views, proximity to town, and high value it’s real benefit is in its lack. Unbeknownst to many is the fact that it bears none of the annual summer pelting of the south-east wind. Cape doctor […]

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Botswana is a gorgeous country, and our neighbour too. I can’t believe I have been so close to it multiple times and never crossed the border. Much like Lesotho actually. Though that’s more debatable, considering their dodgy fences, and dodgier border control. My cousins grew up here and I almost […]

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Standard Bank | Cape Town

standard bank

Standard Bank is a fine firm. I believe. I actually do not know. But, judging by this photograph and their exterior, I would guess so. I have the occupation of making a building’s interior or exterior (generally both) look glamorous and wonderful. Although I can’t distort reality, I can enhance […]

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Bryanston is another, more northern, suburb of Johannesburg. Previously I had been visiting Craighall, and Sandton, and many other areas. Today though, I ventured into the “north”. Perilous. Or not so much. Bryanston smacks of big homes, high walls, lots of trees, and money. Pretty much what Joburg represents, generally. […]

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