How do you capture the presence and prescience of a bedroom? What incredible a future a bedroom decides… who shall be born, or not, lies in the minds of those that inhabit it, generally speaking.

It all makes you wonder about a house, and its rooms. When did the bedroom become a room in its own entity? Surely the earliest “hovels” were simply a giant room where everything and anything happened. The cooking, the sleeping, the talking, the fighting, the arguing… and for the whole family, too. It was surely a much more intimate and family affair. Nowadays with our individualism and wealth we have compartmentalised each and every scenario. Fighting? Kitchen. Arguing? The lounge. Making up? Bedroom. Playing? Kid’s room. Laughing and bonding? Dining room. Child spanking? Balcony. I joke, don’t spank your kids, you’ll get into trouble, and not just with your kids.

Away from spanking and back to the bedroom. To capture all that happens (and does not happen) in the bedroom you need to set the scene a little. Some flowers, good lighting, a view, the bed is neatly made, the maid is neat and paid, the pay is meat and bread, the bread is a bed of hay. I digress. I hope you all have a lovely bed to sleep in every night, as light and nostalgic as a fairy tale told by your sweet, old grandmother.

I know I do.