Selling Your Home: Top 7 Tips When Staging

When it comes to home selling, staging is optional though it shouldn’t be. This is a huge financial transaction you’re talking about, after all. You shouldn’t be complacent, only to end up settling for longer marketing periods and lower selling prices.

Relative to the amount of money and time invested, staging may be the most lucrative project you’ll ever undertake next to building a house. Many potential buyers are looking for a property that can improve their lifestyle and fulfil their dreams. Sell them these dreams and create an emotional purchase that can generate you more profit.

How to Go About Staging

  • Work on the kerb appeal

Lure in onlookers for a tour of the inside of your house with a good exterior. This means staining or repainting the porch floor, washing the front windows, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, planting fresh greenery, hanging a house number, checking the roof, buying a new letter box, and power washing walkways.

  • Clear away the clutter

You won’t be able to stage your house properly when there’s a lot of clutter in the way. So, clean all of the closets, cupboards, floors, and other surfaces of any stuff. You might need to arrange for offsite storage to hold any personal items that you can’t throw out or donate, but you can be sure that it will be worth it.

  • Strike a good balance

Though it was previously suggested that you should clear out the clutter, that doesn’t mean you should remove everything. Keep decorative elements that can make your home cosy and appealing. It could be a basket of fresh produce from the farmer’s market or a vase of cut flowers straight from the garden.

  • Try arranging your furniture differently

According to new house designs today, symmetrical arrangements work quite well for interiors. Gather your sofas, chairs, and lamps and create a place where people can enjoy intimate conversations. That bed in the guest bedroom might also look better when pulled off the wall and placed in the middle where it can catch the sunlight from the windows.

  • Opt for classy neutral colours

Now is not the best time to experiment with lime green walls or purple floral wallpaper. That doesn’t mean you should just go for plain white either. Choose rich mid-tone neutrals instead, such as beige, mocha, or even chestnut. This will serve as a sophisticated backdrop that will make everything look more put together.

  • Remember outdoor spaces

Don’t neglect that tiny garden or narrow balcony just because it doesn’t offer a lot of space. Instead, play it up with alfresco furnishings and potted plants. This will prompt people to imagine it as a charming spot to have intimate dinners or lazy breakfasts.

  • Arrange for world-class photography

Thanks to advancements in technology, lots of people are taking the initial steps of searching for double-storey homes and other properties online. In the same way that you’re boosting kerb appeal to attract interest, you should also get high-quality images for your listing. We at Baithe Photography are more than capable of assisting you with that.

You don’t necessarily have to spend huge amounts on the staging process for it to be effective. Simply make sure that you will be emphasising the best features of your house so prospects can imagine the potential themselves.

Keep in mind though that expensive doesn’t always equate to attractive. More often than not, it’s better to go for the project that provides the most valuable returns. This will give you greater chances of attracting a wide range of buyers. And the more people interested in your property, the higher the selling price will be.