Beyond the Moon was to be my host one winter’s night hence. For a wedding, not a shoot, though I hoped for both. This place was not quite “beyond the moon”, in fact, it was barely past Wilderness so I don’t really get how they came up with that name…

I could have asked of course, but I was more interested in the food and drinks you get at these affairs. Also, the moon was not out yet, so what was I to do? [Just so you know, I did sneak out at night later but there were just stars, and no moon. FYI]

Back to business. On a trip of epic proportions, rental cars, our colourful South African coastline from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, and many people and delights in between this was a great stop on the journey. Not many people get paid to see our coastline, and even fewer do the Garden Route for money, but I was a lucky one. Even luckier in that after seven shoots from heaven, I then got to go beyond them all to this wedding and dance and party and make merry. It was a glorious time and now it has all ended, and back to work I go.

The lovely thing with blogging and adding these things is that one day, old and grey and bored, I can look back and reminisce about this time. And tell my grandkids that, yes, even before Elon Musks‘ success, back then you could go beyond the moon. And live to tell the tale.