21st December 2017


botswana gabarone

Botswana is a gorgeous country, and our neighbour too. I can’t believe I have been so close to it multiple times and never crossed the border. Much like Lesotho actually. Though that’s more debatable, considering their dodgy fences, and dodgier border control.

My cousins grew up here and I almost visited the place as a child but, lo and behold, the malaria tablets were just too much to stomach back then. Plsu car drives have never been appealing to me. If only world class train travel had hit Africa back in the 90’s – Cecile John, could you not have spent more time on these projects…

Back to the subject at hand: Botswana has appealed to me for years and this week I shall venture forth for the first time – ever. Stay tuned for part two of this story, and see what photos I can muster as I scurry round the scrub Kalahari, Gabarone, and potentially Jwaneng. Serowe, Chobe, and the Okavango, I am coming for you next time. Time doesnot allow for it this time, I am afraid…