Business is booming, and no more so than in Woodstock, I’d guess. I have no real clue but the value of property there escalates quicker than a coup d’etat. Added to that, each and every cutting-edge business seems to be migrating there, or thereabouts, including this up and coming startup Codespace.

Friends of ours, these heroes started an academy last year to teach guys and girls to code so that they could be job-ready programmers within five months. Neat, hey?! Anyway, so happy to oblige by doing some “charity work” for them by doing some free interior/corporate photography. There are so many needs in this country and how can one walk down the street without noticing ten desperate people, needs each day. You can’t. Well, I can’t.

To reach some eventual conclusion to this languishing monologue, it was a joy to help them out and see their nifty offices. I have yet to see many better views from any office in Woodstock. Until corporate business office interior photography calls again… I am out.