Standard Bank | Cape Town

standard bank

Standard Bank is a fine firm. I believe. I actually do not know. But, judging by this photograph and their exterior, I would guess so. I have the occupation of making a building’s interior or exterior (generally both) look glamorous and wonderful. Although I can’t distort reality, I can enhance […]

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Some art for you

some art

Sometimes you see something nice – like a little art number – and think it is worthwhile putting up on the Internet. This is usually done ad nauseam by ad everyone you can think of. However, this is perhaps my second such gambit at such a thing this year. Well […]

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Cape Town – City of dreams

Upper Woodstock

This city has few equals, if any. It’s no wonder then that so many photographers choose to ply their trade here – the landscape a veritable wonderland for us all. Few cities have the dual privilege of being squeezed between the mountains and the sea, and fewer of those remain […]

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Portrait vs Landscape: How do you view such things

Portrait Photography

I’ve always disliked portrait photography to some extent; landscape makes more sense in every way. We see the world side to side; how often do you look up and down (in comparison)? Anyway, this is perhaps the first portrait shot I’ve been proud of in my entire life. And I’ve lived […]

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Stellenbosch meanderings

Photography Stellenbosch

Took this shot whilst searching the backroads of Stellenbosch for a good cup of coffee. I’ve had better, but at least I found a new coffee shop, and another nice road shot. Pictures of roads surely cause our minds to think of road trips, and the future, and freedom, and […]

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A Stellenbosch Wedding and a thought

Photography Stellenbosch Wedding

This was the lovely venue of a friend’s wedding reception recently. I love power lines in any situation for a shot. Power lines on maize fields. Power lines bridging mountains. Power lines on a can of Coke. Power lines through everything. They’re most beautiful when juxtaposed with nature though, somehow. I […]

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Natal Farm Magic

Natal Photography

Our second instalment of abstract photos this year, here we have some from a farm up in Natal. Absolutely perfect conditions for a nice day of shooting as the light cloud/mist acts as a giant diffuser, helping every shot to be soft and lovely, like a baby’s laughter. You’d think I’d […]

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