botswana gabarone

Botswana is a gorgeous country, and our neighbour too. I can’t believe I have been so close to it multiple times and never crossed the border. Much like Lesotho actually. Though that’s more debatable, considering their dodgy fences, and dodgier border control. My cousins grew up here and I almost […]

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Noordhoek is a farm village. Not many phrases are more appealing to me than those two words combined: ‘farm’ and ‘village’. The agrarian life mixed with a quaint village life conjures up images of milkmen on bicycles, delivering their wares around cobblestone streets while the milkmaidens (milkwomen, milkladies?) are sitting […]

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grateful for life

On a recent trip up the west coast I was very nearly wiped from this earth by a collapsing tree and I am now very grateful to be alive, yet again. The car 100m ahead of me was not so lucky – in that it was hit but the driver […]

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These holidays where are you heading? Does that place have a website? Does that website have great photographs. Essentially Baithe Photography exists for people who answer either ‘No’ or ‘Yes, but they’re not great’ to the latter two questions. We focus on photography – by producing great shots that advertise or […]

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Darling isn’t the type of town you go out of your way to see. I learnt this when I tried to do such a thing and spent ages crawling along backroads and getting stuck in road blocks set up for the various road works. Of course, this has nothing to […]

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Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – The Boomslang

baithe photographer

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens recently opened a new attraction, namely the Boomslang walkway. Literally translated, from Dutch or Afrikaans, Boom-slang means “tree-snake”, and what an apt description for an elevated walkway that twists and turns, allowing it to fit in naturally with Africa’s premier – and most spectacular – botanical […]

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