Craighall, Johannesburg. In the Sandton area, close to Parkhurst – this is where we are. It is my new favourite area in the world.

Baithe Photography managed to photograph this truly stunning B&B the other day whilst up in Joburg, for another trip of work. It is becoming quite a thing, ziksing up that way, and boy do I love it! Except for the flying part, and the dry skin, and very keen awareness of crime… But, other than that, Joburg has some really precious gems, and I mean more than just in the old semi-abandoned goldfields.

I really, really appreciate the amazing gardens and luscious green lawns you see all over the place. Added to that, viewed from afar this concrete jungle seems anything but – rather it is an urban jungle of greenery, with trees sticking out all over the place. It belies the fact that you are in a city, and also makes for some amazing photographs. The lack of wind (compared to Cape Town) also makes life easier for me, and now that the rains are a falling, everything will be getting greener, too.

Craighall was no exception to this, and I found it so pleasant walking around its streets, and soaking up the pleasure and romance of suburbia. It is always hard for a Capetonian to imagine living in Joburg, but somehow, I think a few years are more than possible. If the work comes, then who knows, perhaps we shall be based here in winters to come. Cape Town has been a dry desert of work for the winter, with most folk willing to fork out seeming more interested in vying overseas for our protracted period of dismal days.

Enter Joburg. Who needs to fly that far north, when this city shines so resplendently in winter? Gorgeous days, and nights that are cold enough to force you indoors to seek warmth, but not that cold that you consider migrating home (like most expats in the UK must think).

Joburg, I’ve come before, twice actually, and I think I shall be coming again – and soon 🙂