What gets you more excited than a potential dance floor encounter? A floor plan encounter!

Perhaps not the truth for either situation above but we’re pretty excited here at a new juncture in our company’s history. We’re adding two more services to our offering, namely that of being able to give real estate agencies (or other clients) floor plans, and 3D or 3D renders of their properties. The image above will give you a sneak peak of our now more truthful home page. Go and take a look! To be honest, you probably came from there though. Or Pretoria. Or Durban. Or none of the above. I digress.

I want to progress though with detailing the two offerings, again, in verbatim fashion from the home page. First up, the floor plan, drum roll please:

‘Using laser-measuring technology, your property can be surveyed quickly and to millimetre accuracy, with the finished plan provided the following day in your chosen format.’ Mandela (we think)

Secondly, the 2D/3D rendering:

‘With a bespoke suite of computer-aided design programs, artistic or photo-realistic imagery can be created from any 2D/3D plans provided, for your architectural and interior design needs.’ Noah in The Notebook (not too sure here either)

But let’s just all rejoice that things are growing and changing and happening over here in Cape Town, South Africa. Australia, the US, and UK are all leading the world in such things and we’re sluggishly following behind, but hopefully, in time, we shall catch up and ziks them. Because we’re doing that in the cricket and rugby currently, and should do in all facets of life, including surfing, which will likely take far longer for socio-economic reasons. Again, I digress, but interesting PhD paper to write there seeing as we have so few successful surfers due to the difficulty of living a plenty-of-disposable-income-though-I’m-a-labourer type life.