De Kelders lies across the bay from Hermanus. Hermanus everyone knows; De Kelders… not so much. However, to their credit, this little drop (and I mean little) is a tiny string of houses adjacent to Gansbaai, and almost eclipsed by its size and reputation. For the whole white shark fiasco thing. We’re not going there today. We didn’t even literally go there where we were there. Poor sharks.

Moving on, this spot at De Kelders was a stately, almost foreign four storey mansion of a Bnb. I am not even sure how to classify it, actually. All I know is that I took photographs here, stayed in the honeymoon suite that night, and left well-satisfied by a most glorious breakfast! And a good time to add: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” – one of the best eating quotes I know. Well, I certainly ate like a king, took photos like a prince, and the night before, walked into town and wished I could eat like a pauper as there was only one restaurant to choose from, and it was not cheap! Thankfully, businesses budget for such things, and in years to come who will remember the R100+ pasta…? Not I.

Back to De Kelders. A first shoot for that town, but not in the area. The Overberg has long been in my sights as a pleasant driving distance from Cape Town, and rich in stunning views, and places to stay. I could write a book (packed full of photos, of course) with all the lovely places I would like to inhabit between Cape Town and Arniston, and maybe one day I should! It could all start with 65 on Cliff, the place I was to take photos of this dreary day. Unfortunately for all involved (except the stomach) the weather did not play its part and we shall have to return again one day, perhaps in mid-winter for those dreamy sunsets – the ones with a cold front looming, but not quote there yet.

Until then, thank you for your breakfast, #65, it shall go down as a top-ten of all time. Enjoy the photos, there are plenty more cloudless ones to come. Stay tuned for more…

de kelders pool de kelders view de kelders view inside de kelders honeymoon suite