It’s the start of the year and we’re considering our direction ahead for the rest of it. It’s a tad early perhaps, but well worth taking some time to consider.

Photography season in Cape Town is largely in summer so it is a busy time for us, so we are (somehow) motoring on, and planning a gentle break mid-winter. With massively fluctuating flight prices, cheap flight deals abound for winter, though not so much in the Christmas season. This month we will be zoopsing around Korea and Dubai, potentially Kenya in February, and far-fetched-dreamily-please-let-it-happen Seychelles later in the year. One needs a break from Cape Town annually. To Durban if you’re broke, to Europe if not. New York is certainly on the cards, and¬†Brazil is most possibly another certainty in years to come as a sneaky new airline route has appeared to allow you to get there for under R5,000.

We are expecting our team to grow, more photographers to fall under our (branded) umbrella, and the client base to expand as well. The aerial side of things is set to grow too, and potentially some virtual reality solutions will crop up as well. There is every reason to believe we shall move in the direction of becoming a marketing house of sorts for property marketing in general, and we do hope that comes true. There is a real lack of great skills, impeccable service (and affordably, too) in Cape Town in this sector, and hopefully as house prices rise, it becomes more of a reality. Our ambition is to rise to the “top of the pile” in this regard and long may we reign there!

All said and done, we wish you a wonderful 2017, hope you too find your direction ahead, and hope that you partner with us in all manners possible. Enjoy the year ahead!