Fresnaye is a prime option for the rich and famous of Cape Town, most likely because it escapes the ravages of the Summer wind. The first thing I think about when I see the word ‘Fresnaye’ is that: ‘surely this is some type of cheese’. This is a blog primarily about photography, so I can mention cheese that you eat with the “cheese” you say when you want people to smile for your photographs and happily link the two and call it both a blog and a cleverly crafted essay.

If you want to learn to write great essays read the works of Leo Tolstoy, GK Chesterton, and South Africa’s finest writer: one Herman Charles Bosman. Their essays collectively are among the greatest works of all time, at least, in this humble photographers opinion. But back to cheese #1, else I would have linked nothing but this URL to another, plainly for SEO purposes I might add.

South Africa seems to love Gouda, Cheddar, and Feta. I think we do these three well but it only takes a small hop in a plane to Europe to discover that there are a myriad of cheeses out there waiting for us to discover and enjoy. Not to be a negative soul, I’d like to say the three above are great (much like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice-cream were the bedrock of my¬†childhood holidays in Hermanus) but let’s be honest: who wouldn’t like a few more options, a la the yoghurt shelves of our various supermarkets.

A la carte

Carte blanche

Blanch your vegetables

Plant yourself on the couch like a potato

Potato salad


How did I link the two parts of my essay? I didn’t really and so that makes you smile, hence, you are now ready for a toothy-smile photograph. You see, I tricked you. Now, call me to take some photographs, I will come, then I will invoice you, then I will be the one smiling.

Happy week!

Ps. The photo is from a home in Fresnaye I visited not too long ago.