On a recent trip up the west coast I was very nearly wiped from this earth by a collapsing tree and I am now very grateful to be alive, yet again. The car 100m ahead of me was not so lucky – in that it was hit but the driver survived – and I took this photo (and a piece of wood from the tree, that was later chainsawed to smithereens) to remind myself that I should be more grateful.

I reckon five more seconds and the tree could have totalled me, but instead it ruined this poor man’s car, and he miraculously emerged with just a cut hand. His airbag also never emerged, so please avoid Volkswagen 4×4’s. All in all, no work, no money, no empty pleasure would be worth such a tragic fate and I am certain God’s hand kept me safe, and the other guy, too.

This has nothing to do with photography, or properties, or careers, or much whatsoever, yet, ironically it has so much to say to them all, namely: just enjoy each day and be kind to those around you. You will never know when your last, fateful day comes along.