These holidays where are you heading? Does that place have a website? Does that website have great photographs.

Essentially Baithe Photography exists for people who answer either ‘No’ or ‘Yes, but they’re not great’ to the latter two questions. We focus on photography – by producing great shots that advertise or market the home or hotel or AirBnb side of that property – but quickly this reveals that the other parts of a property’s marketing are often not all that great. Simply add a slick website (so effortless today), a new logo, some other branding, a Google Adwords campaign, a little SEO, decent copywriting and you have yourself good brand marketing for years to come.

However, how few places have taken the necessary steps to put these in place? It is very rare to stumble upon a hotel that is such a breeze to work with that it blows you over. (Hence AirBnb et al) Luckily for you, that is certainly to change with time, and hopefully soon. All that is needed is customers need to speak out, hosts get their act together, and customers reward those hosts by frequenting those places. You reap what you sow. Simple. (If only the Springboks could play by such principles.)

Even better: tell your accommodation hosts that they need a genuine, bonafide photographer to come in and capture the beauty of the place, once and for all. They won’t regret it. So when you head out this Friday the 16th of December – with the hordes of others heading to the coast with their kids – keep in mind the notion that the place you ay be visiting may pleasantly surprise you; it may just be a whole lot better than its website conveys.

But most importantly, buckle up, be safe, love the ones you’re with, and enjoy your December holidays!