Want to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money? Here’s How!

You have a beautiful home in a prime location that you’re putting up for sale. Most would think that if this is the case, finding buyers won’t be too difficult. However, being successful in selling real estate in today’s market actually takes a lot of work. Most especially if you want to sell your property quickly and for a good price.












According to an article in Trulia, homeowners should clinch a deal the soonest because potential buyers will be interested in your home the first few weeks it’s listed. You need to make sure you get running and make the sale before your listing becomes stale.

  1. Make your home more appealing physically

Who would be interested in buying a shabby, dingy, and messy house? No one in their right minds, right? So do all the necessary work to make sure your piece of property is attractive to buyers and ready to welcome interested parties for a tour. Ensure that it’s best features are showcased and any flaws are taken cared of.

  • Curb appeal – The exterior of your home is what anyone first sees in photos and upon visiting, so make sure you make a good first impression. Get your lawn or garden in tip-top shape, give your front door and exteriors a fresh coat of paint, and fix and clean your roof and gutters.
  • Clean Make sure every room is included. If you don’t have the time, you can hire professional cleaners for a general cleaning job. Then you can handle the daily upkeep to ensure your place looks pristine if ever an interested party drops by.
  • Declutter – Buyers will check every nook and cranny so take care of any mess. Organise your cabinets and shelves and leave them half empty to showcase how much storage area you actually have. A good idea is to hire a storage unit where you can keep the stuff you don’t use every day to provide more space in your home.
  • Depersonalise – Keep your family pictures, memorabilia, and other personal mementos. Allow potential new owners to envision how the place will look with their belongings and photos.

Minor improvements with sure ROI – Some sellers are tempted to invest in major renovations in order to increase property value. However, take note that not all improvements give a good return on investment. Do your research and consult with your realtor. Experts suggest going for minor renovations instead. Two of the best rooms to invest in are the bathroom and kitchen. New stainless steel and energy-efficient appliances, light fixtures, taps and handles, and refaced cabinets cost less than renovating the whole area. Furthermore, these small improvements have a big impact, add value, and provide ROI.  

2. Be ready to stage












If you’ve done everything listed above, then you already have part of this step covered. All you need to do now is make sure you maintain the cleanliness and presentability of your home so you are always ready to welcome anyone for a tour. If someone is looking to buy but has to wait for several weeks to check out your property, they may lose interest and patience.

Aside from being prepared for open house inspections, another part of staging is getting beautiful photos of your home to post in your listing. It’s best to hire an experienced and professional property photographer. This expert knows how to highlight the attractive features and soften the flaws. Baithe Photography in South Africa specialises in these services so check us out if you are selling in the area. We are also more than willing to travel farther as we are passionate about providing the best real estate photographs to clients across the world.

  1. Find the best agent

Don’t settle for the first one who pops up. Get recommendations from family and friends, but do your own research too. Check the reviews and make sure your realtor can effectively promote your home for sale. A good agent can also help you get a deal close to or more than your asking price.

  1. Present a lifestyle

There are so many beautiful homes in the market that sometimes advertising all the attractive features of a house isn’t enough to convince potential new owners. Gain more interest by presenting them with the type of lifestyle they could have if they live in your neighbourhood. You can make a short video showcasing your favourite café and grocery store, the farmers market, bars and restaurants, the nearby business district, parks and other surrounding facilities or establishments that may suit the lifestyle needs of your target market.

In your listing, you could also include statistics on crime and safety, information on schools, modes of transportation, and other helpful data to give more information about your location.

Another idea is to invite your neighbours to your open house. This will be a great way for potential buyers to meet and get to know who they could live next door to. Plus, your neighbours can bring people they know who are interested to buy.

  1. Show why your home stands out

Try to highlight in your ads why your property stands out from others in the same price range or neighbourhood. Is it located on the top-most lot on the hill? Do you have stunning views? Do you have a solar roof and grey water system?

  1. Make your home ready for moving in












Most people are turned off by the idea that they have to spend for any fixing up and pest control jobs and must wait longer before they can transfer to a new house. They want to move in as quickly as possible. So, aside from presenting a clean house, make sure you also take care of any repairs and pests. Try to make it as hassle-free as you can for the new owners. If you do have any testing and removal done for any critters or creepy crawlies, make sure to indicate this in your listing and show proof.

  1. Use your own network

Do your part in marketing your home for sale. Use your social media and ask friends and family to share your ad on their accounts as well. You can also ask help from your homeowners’ association, neighbours, and establishments in your community.

  1. Provide a better deal

Include a transferable home warranty that covers appliances or gadgets that could fail, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. This could make it more attractive since a potential new owner can feel more at ease knowing there is existing coverage in case of these problems.

Another idea is to work on closing the sale faster, like in one month or two. Also, if your finances can manage it, offer to pay for the closing costs. This can make your deal much sweeter than a competing property in the same price range or location.

Of course, consult with your real estate agent and lawyer to ensure you are making a safe financial decision when offering such deals.  

Bonus Tip: Sell at the right time for the right price

It is important to make sure you price your house right. Ask for pricing estimates from several agents, research on real estate comps in your area, and listen to your realtor’s advice on making negotiations. You should also know when is the best time to put your property up for sale in your region. However, take note that if you sell during peak season, competition can be stiffer. So, make sure your home is in the best condition and you amp up your marketing efforts.