23rd March 2015

House Tips

house tips

House Tips for the home or hotel owner can go a long way to making a shoot more successful. We would love to take the best possible photos of your property and, in light of this, help us help you by going through this list of ways to make the day a success:

  1. The home should be as presentable and neat as possible.

  2. For instance: please try clean the home on the day, have a green lawn that’s mown, a blue pool ideally¬†without a Kreepy Krauly, and a fridge devoid of magnets/notes etc

  3. The windows must be spotless – every smudge or mark shows up unfortunately – and so those shots only work if the windows are as clear as possible

  4. We work around the house in no particular order, based on the light, but ideally we will not need to “move” people out the way as we work

  5. If there are pets – and they could knock over the tripod, or get into the shots – please try keep them out of the way

  6. Please “style” (arrange furniture etc) the home as much as possible – we will do this too as we see fit – but up to half our time can be spent making things look neater and simpler, and we unfortunately have to charge for that time

  7. Please let me know up front if there is anything specific you would like photographed, for example: a piece of art or a shot of your Aga stove

Looking forward to shooting your home! Get in touch below if you need any help with the above house tips ūüôā

Ps. See also photography procedure