I absolutely love Italia! And Italians! And their food, architecture, way of life, cobblestone streets, shape of their country… everything! I was here for five or so weeks and managed to soak up all the atmosphere of Milan, San Remo, Cernusco sul Naviglio, Valle d’Aosta, Turin, and a few other places.

Italy is the world’s top tourist destination for a reason, and I learnt quickly why – and I didn’t even manage to hit Cinque Terre and other such famous spots. But come see it for yourself, dance around Tuscany, visit Rome, Sardegna, the Alps, Florence, Venize, Lake Garda, Lake Como and¬†anything else you can manage. Italy offers so so much.

One day I will return with a proper camera and have a field day; hopefully I can get paid too, and not just be a paying tourist… Until then: ciao Italia!