I found myself in Craighall, Joburg the other day. What a gem of a location. Nestled in the ‘V’ of Louis Botha and William Nicol (two very important roads, it turns out).

It’s not often you come up this way when you reside in Cape Town but, as things have it, it made sense this time. Joburg people are always complaining about the arrogance of Capetonians (probably somewhat true) for things they had no hand in creating (a mountain, for example) and saying ‘Oh, how wonderful Joburg is’ for all its trees, nice houses, um.. money, et cetera. Anyway, I had to see it for myself – both for work and for pleasure – this past May and I must admit, Joburg has more going for it than I had previously thought.

For one, I was not robbed or maimed in any fashion. Number two, the people were super-friendly and helpful. Also, they are all go-getters, so methinks perhaps the business should be a-moving up this way. Three, the weather was far better than ours in Cape Town. Four, homes are cheaper and nicer and the gardens more resplendent, accommodating, and such. It would certainly be interesting taking some photos up here for a few months and, well, that is kind of where this blog post is heading. Cape Town photography in winter is pretty much a dead dog. (Horse? Am I making up sayings? I hope so.)

So, thinking ahead, Baithe photo/media/video/life is considering doing three months up there, perhaps next year in winter, when the Cape is unappealing and cold. In fact, all the people are pretty unappealing and cold in that time, too. Let me know if you want some photos, or if you want to send me to the bush again, via Nelspruit, for a little photographic tour. Joburg is net four hours drive away…