22nd May 2017

Kirkmans Kamp – Five luxurious nights in the Sabi Sands


Until this point in time, I had never experienced such luxury as I had at Kirkmans Kamp Safari Lodge, located in the pristine Sabi Sands. This new experience was to me something out-of-this-world and perhaps never to be repeated. I will say it again: Kirkmans Kamp is by far the most luxurious thing I have ever come across. And I have seen some things, I tell you. Five star Hilton hotel in Seoul. Four star hotel in Mauritius. My mother’s cooking…

Anyway, if you ever manage to have a chance to visit this lodge, grab it with both arms immediately! It will set you back a pretty penny, but it will be worth it. I am quite sure that in twenty years I will still reflect on my time there. Five nights of pure luxury, ten game drives, 40 meals (bear in mind I had to skip some, and lie in my bed at lunchtime, holing my stomach in agony, still trying to digest breakfast, which was then the third time I’d eaten that day!), game sightings par excellance, and much more.

It was also, importantly, a breeze to photograph. Beautifully thought out interiors that was modern and stylish, yet also captured the essence of a “bush camp” of yesteryear. I think it really would have paid homage to Paul Kirkman, the initial owner and conservationalist who turned it from a farm, into a hunting lodge, into a wildlife sanctuary. I could be mistaken, I was likely drinking a G&T when this was explained to me.

All in all it was a pleasurable affair, and a place I certainly want to return to. I was mildly embarrassed it had been eight years since I had last visited the bush (as in the Kruger Park) and it was perhaps my first time in the Sabi Sands. Although I was sad to leave, it was somewhat ok knowing I was next headed to Ngala Safari Lodge – read about that delicious extravaganza in the next up-and-coming post…