I never knew it but perhaps the inspiration for the logo was from my leisurely time here – midway up the télépherique on my way to the top of Mont Blanc, in Chamonix. I only realised this years later but this lovely spot was the first stop on my journey up to the top of the mountain. I thought Table Mountain was relatively hairy to ascend on the cable car but I think I ascended four times the amount up this mountain: the highest peak in Europe!

Anyway, a logo can mean everything, and for me it means that I am an “umbrella business”. What I mean by this is that though I start with photography, one day we will do far more. Copywriting, SEO, Video, Animation, Marketing, Web Design, and way way more. Why have limits when the sky is one already? Also, I love umbrellas. And rain. And red in photography, especially black and white photography (with the exception of the red bit).

But in summary, a red umbrella is our logo, and long may it remain so!