It’s mid-winter and we’re indoors shooting luxury products again. This stunning leather bag is a breeze to shoot, what with its gentle brown hue being relatively simple to capture on flash, unlike the stinging  metallic golds, silvers, and bronzes. Which brings us to the Olympics of course, which begins today in Rio de Janeiro – city of flashy people on flashy beaches, doing flash things. Comedy aside, this Olympics seems poised to be a memorable one, much like the also Brazilian-hosted Football World Cup of two years hence. I hope for the sake of its people that it isn’t a catastrophe for them yet again, and that somehow their government will reap some benefit that can filter down to their people. Seeing as we’re connecting ideas today, South Africa has hosted a definitive local election and my, my, my it could well pave the way to a different future for us all – white, black, or bronze.

As with all things photography-based, it’s all about light, composition, and more light – and I hope the light at the end of the tunnel for our tumultuous country beckons even nearer. Have a great weekend RSA.