This is certainly my favourite place on earth. There is a farm I know that comes close, but otherwise, I have no happier place on earth than this sneaky island off the coast of Malaysia. To live close to the equator, have daily tropical thundershowers, three-hour long swims and snorkelling sessions, dense forest explorations, and fresh fish and garden vegetables on a braai for dinner every evening is perfection for me. Unequalled so far in this life on mine.

Added to that a plethora of other lovely things in the average day but in the main, I think it’s the no need for a t-shirt climate and way of life that makes this place so appealing. Perhaps I’ll return one day to take photos of a luxurious hotel here, but if I don’t, then I will come on a three week holiday and soak it all again into my soul. It truly is a wonderful country, Malaysia, and all you could ask for in a tourist destination, too.

In the tropics, it is sure to be a winner for a person like me.