The marquee is a beautiful thing to behold, even more so in the more modern “Bedouin tent” types we see nowadays.

Last weekend I ventured out, much like a Bedouin on a camel (peacefully, gracefully, and leaving the hard work to my transportation), to a hotel in the winelands to take some photos of their 400-strong peopled event. There were marquees everywhere, all resplendent in their white glory, creating an almost apocalyptic vision against the grandeur of the surrounding mountains of Paarl, Stellenbosch, and Wellington. You may think that strange but ‘in those last days people will be eating, drinking, and carousing’. I wasn’t even sure what ‘carousing’ meant until I looked it up right now, but it was happening for sure!

Events are grand things. Multiples of people always trump solitude, if you had to choose. White linen over black. Much food over none. Weird, mystical light over broad daylight. There is much to be said for an event, and, in fact, an event by definition must mark an occasion of significance or there would not be occasion to meet up.

In a similar line of thought, a marquee is a symbol of that significance, it being the bridge between having the best of both. Both being a party and it being outdoors. What other things allow us to experience such things? The first to come to mind is of course the umbrella, which is our logo, and there are not many things more pleasant than walking in the rain, but remaining dry. You have staring out a window while being warm and wind-sheltered, or being able to see underwater with goggles.

Man has certainly accomplished great things in such ventures and one hopes he continues to do so on and on, to infinity and beyond. Now if only the marquee could be underwater with windows so we could watch the mermaids swim by…