The Penthouse Apartment. Does property photography have a higher echelon? Certainly the pinnacle of interior photography, at least in terms of photography in the city. Worldwide, I would have to say a luxury hotel on a tropical island surely takes the cake.

But let’s not give this apartment it’s moment to shine. It was an incredible place to photograph and as per usual with this suite of 40 apartments (which I have a very casual agreement to shoot over the years), it was a top level drawer slice of real estate. It’s sad to think that the domestic working there enjoys the views perhaps 50 times more often than the owners but at least someone does. This penthouse apartment – like all penthouses I guess – had 360 degree views at the top, plenty of balcony space, two floors, multiple rooms, and one of thee nicest bathrooms I have ever come across. Hence it being the feature shot at the top.

Gorgeous lighting, relaxing furniture, a rather bizarre setup in the main bedroom (with a super outdated and ugly flat screen TV) but otherwise the crème de la crème of the cakes on the cakefront. And by that I mean Waterfront. And apartments. Now is possibly a good time to state that I think I am on apartment 25 (of 40) managed by these wonderful employers of mine, and I do wish to do all 40 before too long. It started with this lovely, 2-bedroom about a year ago and there is no sign of it stopping, though I do feel I am ageing.

In time I would like to fly overseas to shoot and long for days in Japan, Argentina, the Maldives and such other far flung places. Africa is great, and Cape Town too, but this lens must travel, and time do run out.