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Photographer Per Hour

Almost without fail we get an email or phone call with the potential client asking "What do you charge per hour?" - it seems it is the industry standard. We have been asked these questions for so long, and in so many different ways that we decided to expand upon our...

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Lazy Leopard | Makes for some lazy guests!

The Lazy Leopard is a gem on the garden route situated along Rheenendal road, just outside of Knysna. Thankfully untouched in the recent fires of the last two years (one early November 2018, and the obvious and devastating one in June 2017) it still has three amazing...

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Teniqua Treetops | A room with a view, even the loo

The Teniqua Treetops Lodge houses seven immaculate “treehouses” - they are raised tents engulfed by a canopy of trees – that convince you that you are in the middle of nature, with not a soul in sight. This is largely true, but if you stare long enough (and have some...

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RoseRoc – A few days in luxury in Knysna

Roseroc was to be my base on my second episode of a Garden Route tour. The first being back in 2017 when I road-tripped from Port Elizabeth down to Cape Town, shooting seven places en route. This time, however, my motives were different. Last year I did quite a few...

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Indigo Bay | A Camps Bay Shoot for the records

Indigo Bay was one of the longest shoots done in recent years and it all happened in Camps Bay, Cape Town. I had set out thinking it would be two hours tops but it turned out this mammoth of an accommodation option had about six rooms across three buildings. Set up...

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Sea Point Flat

The stock standard Sea Point flat. Or apartment. Depending how you roll. So many foreigners in Cape Town means you never know which lingo is the one to go. With. With me, I went to shoot this little place one sunny day in May. Or February. I can't quite recall....

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De Kelders

De Kelders lies across the bay from Hermanus. Hermanus everyone knows; De Kelders... not so much. However, to their credit, this little drop (and I mean little) is a tiny string of houses adjacent to Gansbaai, and almost eclipsed by its size and reputation. For the...

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Gamamadi Guest Farm

Gamamadi Guest Farm was a special time for me. A brief night's stay in the Karoo (en route to Cape Town from Jozi) turned into a real break from reality. With a lovely sidekick in tow, we had only a few hours in the afternoon to relax and soak up the farm atmosphere...

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