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Multi-shoot Extravaganza | Shooting 17 Properties for RPF

For the first time, and perhaps the last, I performed what I term a "Multi-shoot Extravaganza" for RPF Properties - a property group in Cape Town. This involved shooting that many properties over three days all across the city. It was incredibly fun, but even more so:...

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Photographer Per Hour

Almost without fail we get an email or phone call with the potential client asking "What do you charge per hour?" - it seems it is the industry standard. We have been asked these questions for so long, and in so many different ways that we decided to expand upon our...

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What We Do

With a strange name like "Baithe" one has to wonder what we do at this company. It is unusual for a photographer to not have their brand and web address that of their actual name, eg. 'Johnny Bravo Photography' and our reasoning is this: we want to be a whole team of...

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Teniqua Treetops | A room with a view, even the loo

The Teniqua Treetops Lodge houses seven immaculate “treehouses” - they are raised tents engulfed by a canopy of trees – that convince you that you are in the middle of nature, with not a soul in sight. This is largely true, but if you stare long enough (and have some...

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Indigo Bay | A Camps Bay Shoot for the records

Indigo Bay was one of the longest shoots done in recent years and it all happened in Camps Bay, Cape Town. I had set out thinking it would be two hours tops but it turned out this mammoth of an accommodation option had about six rooms across three buildings. Set up...

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