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Upper Woodstock

Cape Town – City of dreams

This city has few equals, if any. It’s no wonder then that so many photographers choose to ply their trade here – the landscape a veritable wonderland for us all. Few cities have the dual …
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Photography Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch meanderings

Took this shot whilst searching the backroads of Stellenbosch for a good cup of coffee. I’ve had better, but at least I found a new coffee shop, and another nice road shot. Pictures of roads sur…
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more shoe photography

More Shoe Photography

And here we have another beautiful shoe for the same e-commerce store. Soon to be launched, too! For me, shoes should be made in Italy, in front of you, slowly. And you’re reading a book, buzzin…
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Natal Photography

Natal Farm Magic

Our second instalment of abstract photos this year, here we have some from a farm up in Natal. Absolutely perfect conditions for a nice day of shooting as the light cloud/mist acts as a giant diffuse…
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Photography Woodstock

Woodstock Shenanigans

Nothing like venturing out before dawn to a little viewpoint above Woodstock (Cape Town) to take some early morning shots. Thermos of tea, some food, good mate, better light (!), and this, my favourit…
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