Plants can bring a room to life. Just ask me; I just bought four and have transformed my room ten-fold. The presence of more oxygen. The natural lines breaking all the manmade 90-degree ones. The green. The smell. The look. It all takes me back to a garden. To the beginning.

The beginning of all life surely began in a garden, where you could eat anything, swim in pools beneath waterfalls, and generally just muck about. Children forever, young and free. This may sound like nonsense, but having plants puts us in such a happy place for a variety of reasons – maybe one being this idea of taking us back. Of course, none of this has to do with photography… yet.

My first office shoot was for the wonderful NGO Innovate SA whom I have done work for before, more than once. This time, however, it was to photography their nifty new offices. It was here that I came across their great office plants, liked the vibe, and decided to get my own. And here is where the story gets interesting… because, lo and behold the plants were done by Wildeflower!

These guys I used to help me style a home in Bantry Bay, to much acclaim from the client and agent both. Anyway, small world, as they say. Moving bigger, it was a rather lovely realisation for me to deduce that maybe other future clients would like something similar and so it is with absolutely no fanfare, bells, whistles, pork pies, or jumping leprechauns that I announce that this feature will come to the site – and soon!

We like to think that an orchid, a fern, a pot of flowers, or even a recipe book or two can go a long way to making your very own home shoot take on extra value and meaning. The warm colours, home feeling, and balance given by extra props and such should do the photos a world of good. Best of all, if you choose a certain option, you can keep the flowers for yourself!

Stay tuned for more…