Photographer Pricing Guideline

A more detailed version of our photography prices

Property Photography

We charge R750 per hour for photography, R500 per hour for editing, and standard AA rates for travel costs incurredA per hour rate can be intimidating, so we have given you some ball park figures to help you understand what you can expect.

Small apartment

Small Apartment

A one to two-bedroom apartment is easy to shoot, typically taking 45 minutes and giving you 16-20 photos.

Price: R 1,250 minimum

family home

Family Home

For a standard three to four-bedroom home, it typically takes about two hours and you would receive approximately 24-30 photos.

Price: +/- R1,950


Bnb's, Lodges & Hotels

For larger properties, including luxurious homes, typically taking three hours or more, expect 50+ photos.

Price: +/- R3,450

Please note: This is merely an estimate to give you an idea of price averages in the past, and does not necessarily include travel costs. The eventual cost will be based on the hourly rates above. 

Bear in mind: You could request that we photograph within a budget and we will do our best to take as many high-quality photos within that budgeted time-frame.

Travel Costs

We charge standard AA rates for travel to and from a location. It fluctuates slightly with the petrol price but is currently about R6.85/km. While it may seem high, remember that there is no compensation for the time spent travelling.

If we do need to travel incredibly far (outside the Western Cape or Gauteng) please ask for a custom quote here as we would then more than likely need to include accommodation and flights.

If you are interested in any of the above, or want to know more about the pricing, simply give us a call or e-mail us using the form below. 

For an idea of our work, take a look through our gallery.