Scarborough. Land of dreams. Scarborough was likely made popular to us over here in South Africa mainly by Simon et Garfunkel. I myself have thankfully been to merry ol’ England  four times but nay, never to wonderful Scarborough. Luckily for me, it is now super easy to visit a much nearer, and more beautiful (certainly warmer) Scarborough right here in Cape Town.

I do this from time to time for some leisure but on this occasion it was more to stop in at a wonderful restaurant named ‘The Hub’. I had been taking some stock photos of the Peninsula that day, and wanted a place to pull over and enjoy the day with my lovely assistant friend. Their coffee really is good. So many cafés punt theirs as “the best”, but truly, they are lying. Only one place can lay that claim. Being super subjective, this is one of my favourites, but I do know a thing or two.

While I was out here, luncheoning with my aforementioned friend, I decided to take some photos while out there. For some reason, bendy roads are so photogenic, though I think it is the ideals they create in our minds: of escape, adventure, freedom, and the future. Anyway, I had fun photographing some chicanes. Note:  a chicane is an ‘s’ bend, for those uninformed and willing to broaden their knowledge of the English language.

Last notes: what a wonderful town young Scarborough is. Fair, and clean, and westward looking over a blue blue ocean. Always a pleasure to come out here…