The stock standard Sea Point flat. Or apartment. Depending how you roll. So many foreigners in Cape Town means you never know which lingo is the one to go. With.

With me, I went to shoot this little place one sunny day in May. Or February. I can’t quite recall. Although I love the big projects, and the flights, and travel, and fancy hotel rooms – there is something so priceless about a simple apartment shoot. Bread and butter. That is the term.

We all love some good ol’ bread and butter, and a little marmite if you’re a South African with a penchant for being dangerous, in the kitchen at least. We’ve all had enough crime, can tell you that. But back to Sea Point, and the flat. A marvellous little project, in lieu of the owners selling and going suburban. Yes, it happens to us all. More space, more garden, kids, lifestyle… you know the drill.

One day it will be you.