Simon’s Town is a suburb, or town, in the far outreaches of Cape Town. Technically it is a part of the city, but somehow, like other parts of Cape Town, it’s really its own town completely – as the name surely suggests. A former place of harbour for passing ships, it is now just a home for SA’s navy (or part thereof, really) and some recreational boats too.

More to the point, I shot down there to shoot up a home. And a beautiful one at that. Full of amazing pieces of furniture and art, the home was a treat to photograph. It’s a real pleasure when hardly anything needs changing, and the only real menace in Simon’s Town was actually the wind! Man, it is a gusty part of the world. Good for your lungs, not so much for your nerves.

Below are some images of the bathroom, lounge number one (!), and a few other nice shots among the 80 or so the client wanted. They’re hoping to Airbnb two different parts of it, and eventually sell it too – clever clientele do both at once – and I’m sure they’ll fetch a pretty penny for all their endeavours.

For us, it was just a pleasure going past Kalk Bay again, smelling the dreamy smells of Olmypia cafe, and getting away from the hubbub of the city. Hopefully some people see these photos and ask us back again soon! It would be lovely to photograph it again in variable weather, perhaps an overcast day, or some light rain with no wind. Next time, I’m bringing a costume too, and swimming in the not-so-secret beach called ‘Water’s Edge’. Apparently a local’s secret, but truly, not that secret at all. I saw a penguin there, and dodged around trying not to be bitten by it, while photographing it so you could see them in their (birthday) suits.

Lesson I’m trying to impart: Simon’s Town is worth visiting for a plurality of reasons including, but not limited to: penguins, beaches, taking photos, and dodging penguins.

Enjoy the photos!

sharp bathroomwooden number kitchen pizazz entrance lounge front view