30th May 2016

Stellenbosch meanderings

Photography Stellenbosch

Took this shot whilst searching the backroads of Stellenbosch for a good cup of coffee. I’ve had better, but at least I found a new coffee shop, and another nice road shot. Pictures of roads surely cause our minds to think of road trips, and the future, and freedom, and adventure, and all things very far removed from our “here and now” – I think we need to think like this more often. Hope is certainly a powerful thing, and a person without hope is… not a hopeful person. Roads however create hope, if not because of the aforementioned reasons, then perhaps just because if people can build roads and cars and highways and whole cities, then surely I can do something?! Like walk and find a warm cup of coffee.

The life of a Cape Town photographer is a multi-faceted thing. One day you’re in the suburbs photographing a beautiful home, the next you’re watching students cycle by in Stellenbosch, wondering if you’d missed out of a different life out here, in this semi-European scene. It certainly could be a great place to raise kids (even chickens) what with all the space and greenery around, but it certainly is a decent place for photographs. Hopefully soon there will be a blog post of a Stellenbosch wine farm/wedding venue up – that is certainly the photographer’s dream: to coast up a deserted highway to a beautiful venue and take photos of it to be paid.