23rd May 2016

A Stellenbosch Wedding and a thought

Photography Stellenbosch Wedding

This was the lovely venue of a friend’s wedding reception recently. I love power lines in any situation for a shot. Power lines on maize fields. Power lines bridging mountains. Power lines on a can of Coke. Power lines through everything. They’re most beautiful when juxtaposed with nature though, somehow. I think it’s the irony of their making a scene often look better – despite them being manmade and large and metal and “hideous” – that is what is so intriguing and alluring about them. Also, the lines. Also, you kinda know they’re giving power to your iPhone, so you can keep online in a world gone mad. Just a thought.

Photography is a lovely thing, and there are few better places to ply one’s trade than in the beauty of Stellenbosch, just 30 minutes outside of Cape Town. What a pleasure!

If you’re overseas and want to get married in Cape Town, then it’s a marvellous idea to travel just outside the town to places such as Stellenbosch, Greyton, Franschhoek, Paarl, Noordhoek, and many more to get an idea of where you could get married. There will be power lines in all these places, ensuring you can keep your phones charged and the drinks cold.