We were asked to photograph this home in Constantia to help the owner rent it our for film shoots, and in the summer, when homes in Cape Town go for a premium. Due to the sheer size of the home (and garden), and the desire to have epic shots of all parts of the home, we actually returned more than once to take plenty of photographs. Thankfully, this meant we saw it in varying weather conditions, which is great for when you want to get the best of all types of light (cloudy, rainy, sunset, midday et cetera).

It was great fun photographing in the rain, and such a useful experiment too. There is nothing better for diffusing light than big, fluffy storm clouds. I’m still not sure if I prefer shooting in winter or summer, but this home was great for contrasting the two because the two days were polar opposites (trust Cape Town weather to be so unseasonal).

A gorgeous home to photograph, and I’ll never forget our time there with our happy, helpful hosts.