Thesen Island is a wonderful spot to visit, rain or shine. This winter past, it was both. The amazing thing about living in South Africa is that we practically get two summers. Well, in a relative sense to ourselves you could call winter winter, but compared to our friends up north (hello!) it’s summer. And especially so in Knysna.

Easily one of my favourite stops on the almost annual migration north for winter, Knysna is a gem full of gems. Mini-gems, like Thesen Island, have even smaller gems within them, including most importantly Il de Pain. Land of delicious bread. With nice bread, slightly chilly weather, and a luxurious home to stay in on Leisure Isle I had it all. Added to that, seven homes or hotels (or lodges) to photograph and it makes for a good working holiday.

Looking back now, it was a dreamy time. Heated floors, fires at night, early evening braais… yet still days on the beach swimming, cycling around town, and gentle hikes with friends. Perhaps winter is better than summer in Knysna… guess I shall have to return to find out.

Note: This hotel pictured above was merely a visit for drinks. However, I catalogued it in my scrupulous brain like a devoted librarian, and made a Dewey number note to return one day to shoot it. I hope to this 2018. Thesen Island, one day I shall return to you, I promise.