Shooting the Elephant’s Eye Lodge in Tokai was a pleasure. The hosts (and owners) were super easy to deal with, and the place very simple to shoot. The nice thing about accommodation (compared to homes and apartments) is that they are very rarely “lived in” and have staff servicing them daily, meaning they are neat, clean, and very little needs to change.

The views of the famous “Elephant’s Eye” – a part of the mountain backing up on Tokai/Constantia that looks like its name suggests – plus the swimming pool, big garden, and lovely patio all make for quite an appeal to the guests who come and stay here. Who, apparently, number quite a lot as it has been going for years and has quite a reputation. We trust that the extra, and new, images help propel the EEL to the next level and hope to return one day to take some videos, and perhaps even some newly offered services coming to a property soon…

Elephants Eye Lodge Tokai

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