Upper Claremont has appeal for those looking to live close to good schools in Cape Town. Investing here is likely a smart thing as I am sure demand will always exist. We took 45 minutes the other to shoot some angles of this wonderful new apartment complex and here is a nice photo to prove it.

I loved the rooftop pool, the mountain views, the pristine bathrooms, and lovely spacious bedrooms. Everything quite white, but spots of colour all over the place really seems a growing trend, and I am a fan. It is always a pleasure photographing a home that is so beautiful, and it makes my life so easy. Added to that, the portfolio then looks even nicer, too!

Upper Claremont is surely a winner suburb, and if you have a nice apartment like this one, I can imagine life just passing by you as you soak in the beauty of Cape Town life. We had a nice 50-minute jaunt here, taking photos. What a dream day job.

Next stop: Wynberg.