The Waterfront is a wonderful place to take photos, and live, and work. There are many reasons in fact; it’s no wonder so many people choose to live here, and the price of property is so high – both for rental and purchase. The knock-on effect of course is that I benefit with more work, better work, and easier work.

This was quite easily one of the best places I photographed. Styled immaculately, it was a very quick in-and-out shoot and done in a metaphorical jiffy. The home was exquisite, the host friendly and helpful, the dog kept out the way, the weather came to the party, I left afterwards for another party, so all in all: it was a great shoot.

I could do this kind of thing all week. And perhaps I should!

If you would like your home, property, hotel (or luxury yacht even!) photographed, then waste no time and send us an e-mail outlining your requirements. We shall be there in a more literal time-based jiffy, considering it is only a 12-minute drive from our offices in the good ol’ southern suburbs.