With a strange name like “Baithe” one has to wonder what we do at this company. It is unusual for a photographer to not have their brand and web address that of their actual name, eg. ‘Johnny Bravo Photography’ and our reasoning is this: we want to be a whole team of photographers, and we want company values, not that of an individual. Here is a fun visual to get things going, in time we will add more and more of them so you can learn all about us.

So you may be left with no more insight into us after that, but sometimes it is fun to throw in a flashy infographic so it appears we are modern and professional. Which we are. What we do reflects on who we truly are, so give us a chance to photograph your place and see if we can impress you. Then leave us a Google Review and tell all your friends about us. In time we would like to see the whole of South Africa have world-class images of their properties. That way the marketing in this country will be better, more jobs will be occupied, fewer people will make trips to places they could see they would never want to buy or rent, and the whole world will be a better place.

South Africa really has the chance to be the best place in the world to live and it all starts with you. You can hire the right folk, providing employment, investing in SA’s services, and taking this country one minuscule step forward – a small step, but one done in tandem with a million others and it all adds up 🙂