Wildeflower is a world-class wedding florist company that is run by an incredibly talented individual and her team. We had the privilege of working with them on a shoot in Bantry Bay recently and what a treat it was!

[Pippa is the brains behind the operation and following close behind her is her protégée Paige. Much like I am the brains behind the operation of Baithe, to my protégé Elon Muskadel – the casual red wine drinker.]

Anyway, side notes aside, Wildeflower has a cult following in the wedding industry – probably due to their sheer talent – and we thought to ourselves “Why not try and make use of this skill and team up?” – though in different words, no doubt. Although we have photographed many homes and hotels over the years it has only been a recent thing that customers have asked for us to style the interior, too.

Obliging like a sideling, we took the opportunity with both hands but quickly realised we needed external help. Collaboration is one of the best things to experience in business, and what a joy it was. No UIF, no interviews, no back and forth, no HR, and no long-term admin. Just a once-off simple agreement, a little quid quo pro, a little touch of Santa’s ‘ho ho ho!’.

So, if you feel the Christmas spirit this month, consider working with someone for a small, pro-bono project. It has nothing to do with flowers or weddings, or photography or the like but team up for fun, if you dare. In fact, we would suggest doing it to test the waters for any future, potential employee/employer relationship.