Zanzibar adventures are incomparable to any other island adventures you can have. The main reason? Well, it’s truthfully quite difficult to sum it up in a singular explanation but I don’t believe any other destination in the world offers an authentic African experience (à la Masai), cerulean oceans and the richness of local culture embedded in the tourist escapades quite like Zanzibar does.

Beyond the paradise beaches and warm oceans (perfect for recuperating from the hurry and jostle that is city life), there are so many holiday experiences to be had on this island. From snorkelling coral reefs to historic cobbled Stone Town streets. Zanzibar boasts a forest that is home to rare birds and butterflies and the endangered red colobus monkey. The giant turtles can be visited at Prison Island (only 5km from Stone Town) and for those with more of an affinity to, well, food – there is the world-famous Rock Cafe, the vibrant Forodhani Night Food Market and the Zanzibar spice tour. This is to name but a few…

With all the island has to offer you could easily be distracted from finding the hidden gem that is the South East coast of the Zanzibar shoreline. This stretch of the island has an array of superb accommodation (any property photographer’s dream). There are a host of tropical island hotels and BnB’s to choose from.

You need to visit Paje and make your way down to a laid back fishing village called Jambiani. This region of the island enables you to escape from the US dollar bill and tourist demands in the north and allows you soak up the sunshine with friendly locals who are quick to offer a private snorkelling trip or transport you in their dala dala. It is a number one destination for R&R and what’s more the weather just happens to be perfect for kitesurfing.

This is Zanzibar. This is Africa. The continent I call home, yet have so much more to learn about her landscapes and her people. I’m grateful that Baithe Photography has the potential to open doors for me to explore so much more.